Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blizzard Blows the Blues - Updated

Brrrrrrr - but beautiful!

The most common sight in Kansas.

It is an ill wind that blows no good. For some time, I have had the feeling of unease and worry. Nothing I could put my finger on. This winter blizzard has ushered in some more unwelcome circumstances. I have yet to see my son for Christmas. The poor guy spent the entire Christmas day alone. So did I, now that I think about it.

My truck is hopefully sitting in the vicinity of the garage that I called first thing Monday for a tow and for repairs. At noon Tuesday, it was still on the side of the road.

I was going to post a photo of the snow drifts that had to be bulldozed aside in order to open the road the day after Christmas but my camera is still in the truck.

Drifts higher than the cab of my truck. Cool!

There was not even a car available to rent Tuesday in Topeka. Too many people needed rental cars due to accidents.

The good news is that I did not lose electricity at any time during this cold weather. I could watch television, or play expert spades on line with bored people the world over, or read other blogs online. There are many, many blogs of people raising goats, chickens, gardens, small farmettes, people going back to the land. It is so encouraging.

I hope my truck is repaired and available tomorrow and that it does not cost a small fortune. I hope my digital camera is still in the truck when I get it back. I hope the weather continues to improve so I can travel to my son's house with his Christmas gifts. I hope I can rent a car tomorrow if I need to. I hope I win the big lottery this month. I hope for world peace.

The Ugly Truth of the Matter
Another pack rat built a nest under the hood of my truck and chewed through a wiring harness, including one wire at both ends, so the mechanic did not even know for sure where that wire went. It also chewed through some hoses. Rats and mice have cost me a small fortune. Two weeks ago, a rat built a nest under the hood of the truck but it only chewed through a small tube. I noticed a problem when I got to work. A garage located across the street from my office repaired the truck that day. I was able to have my truck in time to go home, and it cost less than $70. Piece of cherry pie!

This new damage is going to cost considerably more - already over $260 with the car rental and tow and diagnosis work at the first garage. The Topeka garage is only open until noon Thursday, then closed until Monday. I continue to wish the worthless Farmers Insurance Contracted Tow Service will be able to get the truck from Paxico to Topeka on Thursday. Even if that happens, I doubt there will be enough time for the garage to repair the truck before noon when they close for the holiday.

The most aggravating factor in this whole scenario is the insurance tow contractor. I have paid premiums for their service since 1993 and have only needed their service once before, in the summer, and with similar results. Pack rats and contractors!

Which reminds me of a Jim Gaffigan joke: A guy dies, goes to heaven, and is surprised to find heaven is a gated community. He compliments the beautiful gates. St. Peter says, "Yeah, those gates weren't easy! We had to go down to hell for the contractor n' everything."


Li'l Ned said...

I think it's a good idea to make a long list, with the chance that at least one or two of your wishes come true. I'll add my hopes for the camera being still there and the world peace.

Jackie said...

World peace is always good. And thanks for helping wish that my camera is still in the truck. I appreciate that.

I think I'll work on my wish list today. I like your proliferation tactic! The more we wish for, the better chance of at least one thing comes true! =)

I wish you a happy New Year, Kathy!

Li'l Ned said...

Thanks for adding these great photos. I LOVE the two at the end with winter snow and summer green. Sorry to hear further details of your travail. Not being a holiday person, I always lament the fuss made (and all the important jobs and businesses that are out of commission on these days). In your case, it is costing you money! Bummer on that. I wish you a Happy New Year, too - with working vehicles, absent rodents and ok, let's throw in world peace (or whirled peas?) in for good measure.

Jackie said...

Yay! We should always throw in world peace!!!

The upside is that I get to drive around in a nice, new comfortable car for a while. I sure need to do some serious nature work. I will have to start setting out live traps under the truck. I think those rats are very smart and it might be hard to live trap them. We'll see!