Saturday, April 10, 2010

Junior the New King

Now that Junior is grown, and apparently the new king, he should get a new name. The trouble is, "Junior" has stuck. Here he is in all his kingly glory. You can clearly see that his comb made it through this brutal winter intact. His basic shape is that of his father, the Evil Roo. But he has the coloring of his mother's breed, the partridge cochins. Mrs. Peckins is in the photo, resting in the soft leaf litter after a long day of scratching through vast areas of leaves and dirt. Mother and son.

Junior also behaves like his mother's side of the family. While Mrs. Peckins is the sweetest little hen, her flock mates Big Man and Sweetie Peep, cochin roosters, were rapists and cowards. They were so mean to the little hens they were sent to another farm, over in Shawnee county. Junior is pretty mean, too. But now that he is apparently the Big Boss, the hens do not squawk and protest nearly as much when he assaults them. When everyone comes in to eat the scratch I throw, Junior stays on the outskirts watching for predators the way Evil used to do, so that means for sure Junior is the new boss. Evil Roo still has a few hens who love him best, so it all works out.

Junior strikes out with one of the little hens, then strikes a pose.

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