Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why I Love Where I Live, Even Though It Is In a Van Down By the River...

The Breakfast Club

Part of the Breakfast Club staring me down from the front door. The worst of this is that Evil Roo gets right up against the screen to peer in at me and crow impatiently. Though he is a tiny chicken, he has a full sized crowing voice. He thinks "Goddamn it, Roo!" means "Please repeat that."

The Nosy Neighbor

This little doe gets closer to my window each time she visits. I am certain she can see me in the window sitting at the computer. I got this photo by placing the camera right against the window pane. She runs away only when Duke finally hears her and barks. (His productivity has fallen way off these days!)

Cowboy Tracks

Horse tracks in the road - evidence of real cowboys, moving genuine cattle with authentic cow ponies. Sometimes I have to sit in "traffic" while the herds are moved between pastures. My kind of traffic jam, for certain.

My Cathedral

The evening benediction...

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