Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Close of Another Story...

The Evil Roo - no longer handsome but still macho.

Tuesday morning when I stepped out the front door to feed the critters, there were pieces of one of my chickens. A foot - the flight feathers of one wing attached by the merest of tissues - the head, neck and a few bones of the body, stripped absolutely bare of flesh. By deduction I realized the Evil Roo had met his fate here in the bend of Spirit Creek.

I cannot say that I will miss him. He attacked me on a regular basis. He had the last "word". The deep puncture wound he inflicted on the back of my leg a couple of weeks ago is still healing. He was brave and kind to his flock, and I am just a bit sad at his passing. I doubt if he weighed much more than 16 ounces but he was not afraid to fly at the back of my head, attack my legs, or whatever part of my body he could reach. As far as chickens go, he was pretty smart. He was also a true gentleman to his babies and ladies.

He was once the smallest chicken in the flock and was pecked and pushed around and chased off by all the other chickens, but he survived and became the King, at least for a little while. He fathered many sons and several daughters. I do not know if he went down fighting during the day, or if some hateful, sneaking critter took his life while he was slumbering. He was a tough little bird. He survived without food and shelter for over 24 hours in the coldest weather in decades. Though no longer handsome, he wore his scars like a grizzled old warrior.

He was a true warrior king.


Anonymous said...

I think I will miss the stories and updates about him.
Maybe he's roosting with the friars, or whatever holy group he's joined.

Jackie said...

The Evil Roo deserves a fine afterlife. He was selfless and lived an exemplary, roosterly life. He was not a coward. I should live my life as bravely.

Farewell, Roo.

Li'l Ned said...

I remember that he started out as Tiny Elvis. Quite the history for such a short life. I salute him, though I only knew him through your stories. I am sorry he perished so young, and imagine him in some roosterly afterlife, bossing and protecting a flock of heavenly hens, perhaps some of your own girls who have preceded him.