Thursday, June 2, 2011

Got The Statesboro Blues Again....

There is simply no excuse to wake up with the blues after a long night of spring rains and lightning. But I did. In fact, I have been struggling against falling into the rabbit hole of despair and depression where I have visited on more than a few occasions in this lifetime. I simply have no reason to be sad and depressed - no legitimate reason, that is.

But then, there is the cube farm waiting for me this morning. It is not that I am ungrateful for a good job because I am very grateful. I work with good people and our work is useful to our fellow man. Dealing with corporate insanity gets me down and cube farms drain a person's will to live. A million times I have asked myself what I would rather be doing for a living, but I can never imagine a better job, which is a cause for depression all by itself! It is such a pathetic thing to admit. My god. I feel even more sorry for myself seeing that admission in print.

If I could earn a good living riding a motorcycle across the country following the good weather, or if I could win 200 million in the lottery, I might never be depressed again. At least I like to think that would be true. But, even if I were rich, or even if I were young again, and even if the only thing I had to do today was to ride to Statesboro on my Harley, I would still have the blues.

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cyberkit said...

Having spent more than my fair share of time in the rabbit hole, please remember that it's basically brain chemistry that's doing it.

St. John's wort vitamin D3 and eating right (fresh fruit, veggies) can help a lot. So can liberal doses of Reiki.

Also remember, there's a ladder in the hole, although you can't always see it.