Sunday, December 18, 2011

Maybe a Merry Christmas for Ginger...

Could you in good conscience sell these young, healthy horses to the slaughter house?

More of the herd that narrowly missed starvation and just missed the slaughter house.

There are fourteen horses that were allowed to almost starve to death before intervention could be legally initiated, but eventually the horses were taken away from their owner. They were fed, given medical attention, and brought back to health. With the slow grind of justice, this took over 18 months. Then just this week, the Sheriff ordered all the horses to be removed from the boarding facility before tomorrow, or the kill buyer would take all of them to the slaughter house. What in the hell is wrong with human beings?

The good news is that all of the horses have a home. One of the horses has a home at Spirit Creek, I just do not know which one it is yet. There is a dappled palomino, a brood mare who has likely been pregnant most of her adult life, who seems to be destined for Ginger's kingdom.

Maybe by Christmas, certainly before the end of the year, there will be another horse in the pasture.

She has lost her figure from having too many babies but hey, I am not in such great physical shape myself!


Li'l Ned said...

What a gorgeous girl. I've never seen a dappled palomino before. I may have to change my fantasy horse, unchanged since Dale Evans days (1950's) from buckskin to dappled palomino.

The big question is: does she have the inner fortitude to put up with Queen Ginger?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should let Queen Ginger (whom we all gratefully serve and are indebted for life, peace be upon her) go with you and pick out her new best friend.

As always, I continue to be so damned helpful it almost hurts me to think on it.

Anonymous said...

What I meant to say is, "Good for you and the other people involved in saving the noble beasts and those offering to be their caretakers!"