Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sacred Cows

Baby Sitting Duties

New Born Testing the Air

The Newborn with His Mother

Every morning on the drive to work, I pass my neighbors' pastures and every day there are more calves.  This morning one of the cows was stuck with nanny duty, surrounded by at least a dozen calves while her sisters were down the hill eating breakfast.  One little calf was not cooperating.  He was apart, by the fence along the road.  Because my parked car worried her, the cow called for the little rebel to join the safety of her small herd, but he ignored her.  I took a few photos then drove on.  The wayward calf raced the car for a short time, running as fast as he could along the fence, his tail streaming out as he bounded downhill at top speed.


cyberkit said...

Or, as Pattie used to (lovingly, of course)refer to them, "Slow elk."

Jackie said...

The wild violets are in full bloom now. I can never see them without thinking of her.