Saturday, May 26, 2012

You Think You Have Troubles at Work?

Even Air Tubes Get the Blues 
Now here is a damned sad situation.  If the job requires only one skill - to wave in a strangely hypnotic manner to draw attention to your employer's business - we all assume we are well qualified.  Some of us likely fancy ourselves as exceedingly over-qualified.

But if you are an industry expert in this field, a highly sought-after professional because you are a hollow tube of forced air with a gaping hole in the top of your head, you would absolutely expect to knock out a twelve-hour day with one flapping hand tied behind your back.  In fact, you would confidently bet your professional reputation on it. 

Someone maliciously set this guy's pot too close to the fence, knowing the Kansas wind would bring him down.  His head is caught on the fence and there is not a damned thing he can do about it.  Even air tubes get screwed over at work.


Anonymous said...

Form a committee to commission a work group to study the long-term feasibility of lateral relocation of colored forced atmospheric hollow tubular nylon housing advertising display unit x meters tin a northwesterly manner.

Anonymous said...

Once the study committee submits the four (4) prioritized alternative recommendations, the results will be forwarded to corporate for approval action that the project be let for competitive bidding before the general manager's son-in-law is awarded the contract vis-a-vis relocation of subject blowy man fan base.