Friday, October 5, 2012

Taken For Granted

Before the drought

Water we take for granted.  When there are difficult times of no water, or of too much water, that is when we truly appreciate the great abundance of the "right" amount.

There is water in some ponds and in the larger creeks and rivers but almost all small streams are dry.  It will take several seasons for the land to heal.  The heron who lives in the vanishing pond at the corner was summarily evicted yesterday.  Taking advantage of the drought, machinery was brought in to dredge and restore the pond.  Tons of dirt was dug out and piled on the dam, making a very deep trench along the length of the dike.  Eventually, though, the rain will replenish and restore the pond.  It will be an improved water source for cattle and a better habitat for fish and will eventually nourish a heron again.  It is interesting to see the mechanics of pond maintenance, but I felt sorry for the solitary bird.  The last little puddle of water it called home drained away when the digging began.

I will miss seeing the heron every evening and I wonder how long it will be before a heron might return there.  I miss the water, too.  I pause there almost daily to witness the last moments of daylight reflected in the calm water.  I wait for twilight to transform the skyline of these beloved hills into a glowing glimpse of the ancient, pristine earth, as if directly from the hand of the Creator, all human abuse and burden hidden in the shadows.  For a fleeting moment the world is pure and beautiful beyond words.

Wonder how long it will be before I see this again?
It may be a while...

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