Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mt. Home

The descendants of the Hunter/Gatherers can do this with opposable thumbs and electric saws.
Friday evening as I drove the final quarter mile toward home, I could see that the walls were standing in the new construction.  It was too dark to take any distance photos, so I gave up until Saturday morning.  But I did not wait to go into the shell of the new house.  Because I was a professional draftsman in the first half of my career, it was easy to visualize the house from the drawings.  Reality packs a much more emotional punch than imagination!  As I walked through the future rooms, exactly as they were laid out on paper, I was overwhelmed.  I looked out the windows and doors and walked through the closets - tried the place on for size, you could say. 

So here is my new house taking shape on Mt. Home, the only practical point on the original six acres where FEMA would allow me to build without buying flood insurance for the rest of my life.  Just a few feet of elevation put the house entirely out of the flood plain.  (I could have built beside the barn, but that would be a lot of horse manure right out the back door!)

When the old house is razed and hauled away, the view will be to the west, across the bend of the creek.  To the south, from my bedroom window, I will be able to see the running water of Spirit Creek (should it ever have water in it again).  I believe I will have to hire someone with a brush hog to clear some of the underbrush to capitalize on that view.  It does not compare to the Pacific Ocean from the cliffs of northern California, but it will suit me just fine. 

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Anonymous said...

Yaayy! It's starting to look like a real house!