Saturday, June 8, 2013

Were Cave Men More Ignorant than Modern Americans?

I once believed in the possibility of Big Foot's existence. It did not seem entirely outrageous for a few large, intelligent animals to remain hidden from human beings given the right terrain. I do not believe in the possibility of Big Foot any more. People see Big Foot everywhere so I know it cannot exist. If there were Big Foot creatures everywhere people claim to see them, there would be photos, DNA and other irrefutable proof. I wish Big Foot was real - like I wish Santa Claus and unicorns and beautiful vampires who live forever were real.

I read an article recently about a man somewhere in the United States of America who called 911 to say he had killed a Big Foot, and for the authorities to come right away to view the body. Investigation only revealed bear tracks. I hope that fool did not shoot an innocent bear. For that matter, I hope he did not shoot an innocent Big Foot.

Human beings have always conjured myths and creatures to believe in. We like to think our ancestor were ignorant, superstitious and living in fear. I do not believe our ancestors were more ignorant than we are.

I watched a "reality" program on television chronicling a group of Big Foot hunters in Oklahoma. Let us assume for one moment that there is a genuine possibility of a large bipedal primate, so highly intelligent that it has remained hidden from human discovery even into present time. The "highly intelligent" crowd of human hunters were in the woods at night with bright lights, vehicles, bull-horns, loud voices, and an array of electrical equipment. They became frightened and fired their guns - at nothing.

I was thinking, "Yes, that is exactly how cave men would hunt elusive, intelligent and secretive beasts."


Kathy said...

Sheesh. Ya gotta wonder.

Anonymous said...

Although I don't consider it intelligent,I know for a fact that big foot exists. I've stuck it in my mouth several times.