Sunday, July 14, 2013

American TV Accidentally Delivers

Another sleepless night in the hotel caused me to channel surf the horrible wasteland that is American television. Even amid the insurance commercials, malpractice lawyers, and the erectile dysfunction advertisements, there is sometimes a jewel.  I won the lottery last week when I accidentally tuned into Joe Bonamassa playing "Midnight Blues" on his vintage gold Les Paul guitar. Every note was clear and precise - a laser that burned right to the heart. I was stunned. Where has this guy been since rap and hip hop and Justin Beiber consumed the available musical air for old hippies like me?

Thanks to the amazing access of the Internet, I was able to find a YouTube video of the exact performance I had watched on television. It took me two days to figure out how to purchase and download AND burn to a CD Bonamassa's Beacon Theater performance. I have been immersed in the best blues guitar I have ever heard. The next step is to put the CD into my finely engineered Ford automobile with its excellent musical system and play it loud!

I am not being unfaithful to Bob Dylan, you understand. Bob is for the mind. Joe is for the SOUL.

Joe Bonamassa Performing Midnight Blues

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