Sunday, August 11, 2013

Super Glue

The titanium frames of my eyeglasses gave way unexpectedly two weeks ago. I was driving on the interstate when I felt something in my hair but thought it must have been a bobby pin falling. Later I discovered that the left ear piece had simply broken and fallen. Somehow it made it through my hair, past the generous [ahem] curves of my body onto the floor of the car. The entire episode was a little strange, if you want to know the truth.

At noon that day I took the glasses to the office where I had purchased them, hoping they could be mended, even temporarily. But the lady there could not. She could not even get a mismatched earpiece to work. She offered to send them to "the lab" if I did not mind a two week turn around time. I did mind. Without my glasses I am handicapped. I cannot see to read or write or brush my teeth. I can see well enough to drive and watch television, but anything close is impossible. Furthermore, I could not get in to see the doctor for a new prescription for almost three weeks! I was stuck wearing my glasses with one ear piece. At least there was that.

I tried to superglue the earpiece back, but it utterly failed. I had to travel to Tulsa, so I wore the glasses with one earpiece and suffered headaches because the glasses did not sit appropriately on my face. I was constantly adjusting them. Once again my utter lack of self-respect served me well. Wearing a lopsided pair of glasses enhances no woman's beauty.

When I returned home, I was determined to remedy this problem. First, I tore through every nook and cranny in the house looking for an old pair of glasses. I distinctly recall gathering up four or five pairs and packing them in a box for Good Will when I moved, but I do not remember saving one pair in case of emergency. I thought surely I was intelligent enough to save one pair but if I was, I was not smart enough to put that emergency pair where I could find them in an emergency. So, it was down to me and the superglue.

I assembled the tools: the glue and two tiny strips of indestructible plastic fabric cut from a feminine hygiene item. Squinting, with one eye closed, I placed tiny drops of glue on the lens and placed the first tiny strip of plastic on the lens. Then, I proceeded to glue my finger to the lens, to the ear piece, to my thumb. Eventually I blindly managed to glue the earpiece back to the lens, and then glue another strip of space-age plastic fabric over that. Amazingly, it worked. It is ugly and there is still glue on my finger but I can see.
Superglue Ugliness!


Kathy said...

Photos, please! And well done, Ms Mechanic.

Don said...

You need to stock up on a tube of "JB Weld". I trashed the "Super Glue" and few other apoxies, as I got tired of the hassle of their either not working or their mending capabilities were short in duration. As an example the stuff you buy in the auto parts store to glue an inside rear mirror back on the damn windshield likes to dry out and down it comes on the floor again. A mixture JB Weld, the size of a dime (the substance in one tube and the hardener in another), mixed well and applied will keep it up there forever. It dries quickly and I swear, if that mirror decides to come off again, it will take either a piece of the windshield or the whole thing with it. Good stuff & works with everything.

Jackie said...

Now you tell me! LOL Actually, if I had to mix JB Weld, it might have gone terribly wrong because without my glasses to see while I was working on them, I was blind as a bat! But I will keep that in mind for future repairs. There is always something that needs to be glued together.