Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Losers

These are four of the five photos I submitted to a recent photo contest.  (No winners.)  The snake was my animal entry.  The view from the dentist's chair I entered in the humor category.  Neither photo is artistic nor particularly appealing - snakes and dentists - but I was fairly certain no one else would submit anything like them in either category!

The other two photos represent the beauty I so deeply appreciate in peace and quiet.  I like the zen-like style that seems to be emerging in my photography.  They were entered in the landscape and nature categories, respectively.  Even if they did not win, they are still nice photographs, in my humble opinion.

The fifth entry I am not going to publish because it is a great photo of Terrie the farrier plying her trade.  I think it has a chance to win in a contest, sometime, somewhere...  

Refusing to Yield the Right of Way

Dental Resistance is Futile

A Still Life
The End of the Day

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