Monday, April 13, 2015


The handsome pup

Nothing lasts forever - not the sun, nor the moon. Not a human life and certainly not the life of a dog. I called the old Duke in from the rain one final time early Saturday morning. A thunderstorm was almost on us. He was not doing well at supper and I did not want him out in the rain. I had to look for him with a flashlight. Wherever he had been, he faithfully came when called one last time. When I went toward the garage, he could not go any longer.

Unable to lift him, I got a sheet of cardboard to move him, but realized that he was dying. I stayed with him then until the good dog passed out of his old worn out body, leaving me behind.

He came home in the arms of my son in April of 1999, and took his leave in April 16 years later. He lived a set of four rounds of four, befitting a good and wise spirit such as he.

I do not believe there is a human being on the planet who truly deserves the love and devotion of a dog. I did not deserve such a good companion.

The old graybeard

Inspecting the construction materials

Trying to have a back scratch in the tall grass but what happens?  JAKE!

He asked for so little for what he gave.

Nothing Duke loved more than a cold winter morning!

Just call and then get out of his way!

Now I do not know where his spirit may be.


AndaRFitz said...

L♡ve y♡u M♡m. May your heart heal and may big Duke be at even more bliss then he was with y♡u on the farm.

Don said...

I am certainly sorry to hear this Jackie - Unconditional love we experience from these pets. I lost one that accompanied me throughout the Flint Hills in every Season and yonder for eleven years. She got to the point that she was like a coyote caught in a trap, but never complained and I didn't see or realize it until the vet sat me down and told me. And wouldn't you know it, she put her paw in my hand during the entire time.

Jackie said...

Thank you Don. Sorry to hear about the loss of your companion, too. They always seem to know how we feel, don't they?