Friday, June 12, 2015

Soon To Be Under Assault

These photos are of the property directly across the road, in an amateurish panorama looking west to east. This will eventually be under the assault of a rock ledge quarry. This is the view visible from my home.
Directly North

A preview of what is to come.
Two machines and a mountain of prairie earth.
It is difficult to see the extent of the digging because of the summer vegetation.

An idea of how deep it can go.

Three of us rode horses in this pasture once - now entirely stripped and piled high.


Kathleen Gault said...

Oh nooooooooo. And it will be noisy?! Will it go on for years and years and years? I suppose it could be even worse: a strip mine or factory -- at least a quarry will eventually go back to nature and can grow things. But how long will that take? Can you plant a visual barrier between you and it?! So sorry to hear this!

Jackie said...

It will be very noisy and I do not know how long - several years for sure. In the summer, I won't be able to see the destruction from my front door, but every time I leave the house, I will see it. I think it will extend to behind the barn and all the way to the 1/2 section, so I'll be able to see it looking out the back of the house. I am sick. I just hope I don't have need to sell my house while this is going on. I am sure it will lower the property value.