Monday, July 6, 2015

When You Leave the Camera at Home!

Friday morning I had to take Jake the Bad Dog to the vet for his annual shots and wellness exam. When I left the house I considered taking the camera but decided against it. How likely would it be to see anything astounding or amazing or unbelievable in the 36 mile round trip? (As if aliens would choose that Friday morning to land in Kansas!) That is why I was unable to record a Bald Eagle with a rabbit in its talons, landing in a field just east of Paxico.

Eagles were extirpated from Kansas long before I was born. I did not see a wild eagle until sometime in the late 1980's. According to the web site Friends of the Kaw, "Not a single Bald Eagle nest was found in the entire state of Kansas from the time of first settlement until 1989." If an eagle had dared to darken the skies over Kansas, it would have been shot right out of the sky before it could possibly kill a single chicken. If the all-out genocide had not killed them all, then the tons of DDT sprayed over every square inch of Kansas soil would have ensured that even had a pair managed to nest their eggs would never hatch.

In the last forty years, thanks to federal protection, the realization that DDT was going to kill ALL of the birds, and the tireless work of an army of unnamed people, eagles are once again in the Kansas skies. I see an eagle every few years within a few miles of my home. It remains a thrill to see one.

An eagle is such an unexpected sight that it took a second for me to realize what I was seeing Friday morning. The eagle, carrying a dead rabbit, glided to a graceful landing just past the railroad berm. It held the rabbit, taking a few pecks while maintaining a vigilant eye. It appeared to be resting.

Almost immediately, a crow appeared, landing a very safe distance away - maybe 25 feet. The crow took a minute to assess the situation, then impudently flew in a tight and low circle over the eagle and settled back in its original landing spot. How did that crow know so quickly there was a ready-made meal it could possibly steal?

The eagle seemed to consider the situation before deciding it could not tolerate such a blatant lack of respect. Leaving the rabbit, it launched effortlessly into a low glide directly at the crow. The crow wisely took flight but the eagle gave chase. As I watched, the crow disappeared to the south. The eagle made a lazy sunward circle to return to the rabbit.

By then a couple of cars had come along. I was in danger of blocking traffic and I did not want to draw any more attention to the eagle. He had enough trouble just trying to grab a bite, so I drove on.

If I had only brought my camera. If only I were not so stubborn and long ago succumbed to the pressure to buy a smart phone, we would all be looking at photos of this encounter right now!


Don said...

What's the matter with YOU? Do you "buckle in" before departing your ponderosa? Do you have a "spare" tire in case you need it? The "camera" should be on your "need to have at all times list". Well, been there and done that too, so don't take anything I just said personal, but that Bald Eagle would have been one nice image to compliment your photography. Course on the other hand, you may have gotten so excited that you forgot to take the lens cap off (LOL !!)

Jackie said...

Senility is my only defense!!! There are a few times in my life when I truly regret not having a camera - even a few times when I DID have a camera and still failed to get the photo!! Daaaaaaaaaannnnnngggg!!

Don said...

Yep, I vaguely remember being out at Lake Shawnee many moons ago and came upon a squirrel, who was holding a complete hamburger and bun with his front paws that someone had discarded in one of the trash barrels. At the time I had an Olympus with some fancy zoom lens on it and I got so carried away with the idea of, "Wow, I could probably see this scene in a McDonald's or Burger King AD", that I never got the shutter pressed before the squirrel dropped the whole thing back into the barrel and scampered up a tree. Course being the fool I am sometimes, I got out of my Jeep and walked over to the damn barrel to see if it "really was a hamburger".

Jackie said...

Oh - that would have been a wonderful photo! Sorry you missed it. It might have made you wealthy!