Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tenzing and Tiny Elvis

Tenzing Norgay, the alpha hen of the flock, shown here inspecting the new door lock.

Tiny Elvis, named for his goofy comb and the fact that he's the smallest chicken in the pen. They are porcelain d'uccle bantams. They are not bred down from larger breeds, but authentic bantams so they can still fly. I also believe they have retained their natural chicken intelligence as well. They are not the most beautiful of bantam chicken breeds, but they are vital, smart and full of personality.

Tiny Elvis could have been named Yoda. When I first put the youngsters out with the three big chickens, I was most afraid for El'. When one of the big roosters challenged him, he stretched up to his full height, planted a fierce peck in the general direction of the bully's face, then flew up and over his head! He was like a Master Jedi, kicking the Dark Side's butt!

See Elvis all grown up here.

Now that I know these chickens and recognize their personalities, fried chicken is not as tasty as it once was, that is for sure.

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