Monday, January 28, 2013

The Gestation Continues...

So far, it is an empty shell but not for much longer. It is going to be such a pleasant little house in which to dwell upon the Kansas prairie! There are clear views of the little creek, once the drought breaks and the water returns. Nothing stunning but perfect nonetheless.

It is something wonderful to see your house materialize from the ground up. I am intimate with all of its details and inner workings. I know what it looks like from inside out and will never have to imagine invisible "boogers" under the floors or in the attic because I know exactly what is there now.

A house is a time machine, of sorts. I will live here, enjoying the peace and quiet, the wild animals, the beautiful companionship of the Kansas winds, and the magnificent Kansas sky, both night and day versions. And all the things I wanted in my house, the way I wanted them set up, will enhance my life. It will support the dreams I have for the last stage of my life, fill with the love and laughter of my family and friends, and hopefully, afford me a long and fruitful retirement. Then I will be gone and someone else will move in with his or her dreams. This small home built by local men, using materials purchased from local merchants,will have to change then to accommodate a new set of dreams, serve new purposes. Maybe it will be a family with a young girl who has her own horse because essentially that is who dreamed this place into being.