Friday, October 24, 2008

Merle's Silo

The Silo beside Dog Leg Creek

I have painted this silo scene about a dozen times, both on site and at home from photos. I have yet to capture the true beauty I find in this vista, with all shades of green found in the prairie, crowned by the tower of dusky red. I have failed to capture in a photo what it is I see either, though I've taken dozens of this very view. I dislike capturing structures in my "nature" photos, but for some reason, I love this silo and the impact it has in the landscape. The day I took this photo was a partly cloudy day, so there were large swaths of glowing green wherever the sun shone on the distant hills. I also love seeing the dark blues of a stormy sky against the green of the landscape, which were recorded in this photo.

I often wish my artistic ability matched my "artistic eye". It is discouraging to not be able to paint exactly what I see. One time an artist I admire very much told me that no artist ever manages to paint exactly what he sees. That encouraged me only a little. It is still a worthy project for me to try to capture with paint and paper the emotional impact the red silo has amidst this green and lovely Kansas view. I do not know how to convey distance in neither a painting nor a photograph, which is a large part of the visual impact of this valley. Even if I never get it just right, I still have the living view itself. And that is better than any painting or photo.


Blue-eyed Blonde said...

What a beautiful picture. I kind of gave up trying to paint because I'm too much of realist. I have seen paintings that look like photos. I've never tried the impressionist method, which I might actually be able to pull off.

Wish I could help you with technique but it's been ages since I took a class. Anyway, have fun trying. Jan

Jackie said...

I am a realist painter too, and my talent does not match my eye. But I still continue to try. If nothing else, it is an excuse to sit around staring at a beautiful view. Jackie