Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Best Birthday Present Ever

The photo on the right is a self portrait. Though it bears a certain resemblance to the Light at the end of the tunnel in a near death experience, or the brilliant aura of a highly evolved spiritual person, it is only me, wearing the best birthday present ever.

It is an Energizer L.E.D. headlamp with an adjustable headband in stylish green and black comfort elastic, and three settings. The portrait shows the main head lamp. There is a "low beam" with two smaller LED's that look like Terminator eyes, and the infra red beams that look like devil eyes glowing in the dark.

My kids gave this to me for my birthday a few days ago. It is to wear to the barn in the winter mornings when I have to feed the horses before dawn. Luckily, I have a complete and utter lack of vanity which enables me to actually wear it.

I think it blinds the horses or maybe it just irritates them. Duke was embarrassed for me, but he still accompanied me to the barn. The chickens crowded around their little front door when I looked in on the them, their little eyes glowing, as they jostled and craned their necks to investigate.

I am fully aware of the implications here.


cyberkit said...

Hope you had a most happy birthday. I love being able to visit your mind. love, Kit

Dr. Bill ;-) said...

I like useful birthday presents. My mother always complained of a birthday close to Christmas... but sometimes it works out even better.
Enjoy the new tool! ;-)

Jackie said...

Having a birthday close to Christmas was a bit of disapointment when I was young, but now that I am old, it helps people remember it! =)

Anda said...


You are hysterical! I LOVE this "self portrait"!