Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things Seen

There have been periods of time in my life when I have been afflicted with blurry eyesight. I do wear glasses, but these periods of blurriness have not been an impairment - more of an interference. I was well into my forties when I discovered that these moments of blurriness were actually times when I could see auras around people if I was so inclined. Like many things in life, with an ounce of confirmation comes a pound of effort. I stopped discounting what I was seeing, and began working at it.

I have known a few people whose ability to see auras was quite advanced. After dinner one evening at a friend's home, I casually mentioned that I had an unusual pain in my leg. It was a tiny spot of pain on the outside of my right calf. There was no bruise and no reason I was aware of that it should be hurting. It had been aching for a couple of weeks. I did not say where the pain was located. I was simply complaining when I said "I have a weird pain in my leg."

My friend said "I know. It's right there." She touched my jeans, gently pressing her finger precisely on the ache. I was amazed. She could not have hit the mark more precisely if I had drawn an X on the spot.

It was several years later when I learned I could see auras, too. I can not see them as clearly as my friend can. There are times when I can not see them at all. After I realized what was "wrong" with my eyes at these times of interference, I worked at looking at every one's aura I possibly could.

At work, I practiced during staff meetings in a roomful of engineers. The neutral colored walls of the room provided a perfect backdrop. Also, when a person was speaking it was normal and natural for everyone at the table to be looking directly at him. I could "stare" to my heart's content.

Two of the engineers maintained a professional relationship, but if they sat next to one another, large areas of dark energy massed between them. It was as if all the energy from around each body bulged outward toward the other man, thinning on the away side. It was not black and evil or anything dramatic. It seemed to me as if each body was trying to keep as much distance from the other as possible, as if they had sat too close for comfort for either man. When I saw that, though both men were always professionally polite and friendly, I realized there must have been some issues between them. Our language appropriately describes the energetic reality of our emotions.

One of the most opinionated engineers had the brightest and most well defined aura I could see. It was clear and bright with a definite line surrounding the outline of his body. One day I could see little funnels of dark blue energy spouting from his right shoulder in two places. I impulsively asked if his shoulder was hurting. He looked mildly surprised and admitted he had bursitis and it was bothering him. I realized then that pain was visible and that was how my friend had been able to place her finger directly over the ache on my leg.

I still was not convinced that I was not imagining these things. An aura is a subtle thing to see, almost as if it is not there at all, and easy to dismiss as imagination. Some time later the man with the painful shoulder was chatting in my office. I decided to "look" at his shoulder again but I could not see any of those tiny spouts of navy blue color. I casually asked if his shoulder was better. When he said it was not hurting at all, I received a big jolt. Affirmation!

I decided to study what I was seeing. I drew a simple outline of the upper half of a human body and reproduced it three times, making a work sheet of four blank "bodies". I made about two dozen copies of these blanks and put them in a three ring binder. I bought a little zippered pencil case designed to fit in a notebook and put several colored pencils in there. I carried this notebook with me for weeks. Whenever I had a chance to observe people's auras, I would record what I saw.

As time went on, I realized I could see some subtle features in the energy surrounding people. I have seen white "flames" over several men's heads. It is a single flame of white, almost like a candle. I do not know what that means.

I watched two young lovers two rows down at a movie. As their kissing became more ardent, their auras merged and glowed with the exact same soft white color. Soon, they either realized their behavior was bordering on inappropriate, or the girl rebuffed the young man, because suddenly their auras parted and diminished in intensity and both sat up straight in their seats.

A few days after the movie, I visited a friend who rehabilitates hawks and other raptors. She brought out a favorite female hawk she had been working diligently to use as an educational animal. As my friend stood holding the hawk on her arm, explaining how special she felt this hawk was, a soft white glow enveloped both my friend and the hawk. Apparently, the energy of love, whether between teenagers or between a hawk and a woman, is a soft white glow, like clouds.

Twice now I have seen the energetic outlines of spirits or angels, or something that takes the shape of human form. My daughter was visiting me in my cube at work, sitting against that wonderful neutral office wall color. I decided to take a "look" at her. To my surprise, there were two large human shapes standing just behind her shoulders, each with an arm behind her. I could not see any features, only a faint outline, but it was unmistakable! She was in the process of making some profound changes in her life at that time and I assume these were guardian spirits or guides walking with her and helping her as she transformed her life.

It was several years before I received personal confirmation that I had indeed seen guardian spirits, or whatever those energetic, human shaped outlines were behind my daughter. I went to an open Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. As a woman told her story, I noticed a definite bright white shape just behind her. At times it was very bright and quite unmistakable. As she completed the moving personal story, the energy faded away. She spoke for another few minutes but I could not detect anything behind the woman again.

After the meeting, I waited until everyone else had spoken to her, then I thanked her for sharing. I took a deep breath and said I was certain she would think I was crazy, but while she was telling her story, I could see an angel or a spirit behind her the entire time. She smiled and assured me I was not crazy because other people had told her the same thing at different times. Even though I knew what I was seeing, the jolt of affirmation came as a shock!

I practiced looking at every aura I could for about a year before I gradually stopped. I thought restaurants would be a good place to practice, but it turned out they were not. I could observe a person to my heart's content, but the moment I attempted to tune in on their aura, they would invariably turn to look directly at me. No glancing around the room to see who was staring at them. They would look directly at me. This happened without fail. It was so unnerving that I stopped that practice. It seemed to be an invasion of privacy of sorts. I think it means that we energetically sense far more of the world than we realize.

I believe the ability to see auras is simply noticing energy and it is likely everyone can do this. I could write an entire chapter on the things I noticed when I was "studying" auras - too long to post here. I will have to save it for The Book!


Li'l Ned said...

Well, yeah, let's get started on that Book, ok?

Personally, though I have tried to see auras, have taken classes & read books on how to do it ......... I have not had much success. Even though I am actually a very visual person, I don't 'see' this way when it comes to people's energy fields.

I do, however, get a strong ---- I don't know how to describe it, but I call it a 'felt' sense of people's energy fields that must be my version. I 'see' by 'feeling', ie I get a strong sense of people's mental/emotional state, on a kinesthetic level.

And, although I am very tuned in and sensitive to plant energies, I have only once see a plant 'angel' (deva), and that was when I was making a flower essence with a large group of people. It was the Shooting Star angel/deva, and it was over 20 feet tall and a lovely magenta color (same as the flower), and standing behind and above our circle of people. Amazing and wonderful.

Jackie said...

I think you see and sense far more than I do, Lil'Ned! How wonderful to be blessed to see the Shooting Star Deva. I guess that was a definite sign of appreciation for the work you and the group were doing making the essences! What is the essence used for?