Thursday, October 1, 2009

Detente At Long Last

Evil Rooster and I have reached detente. We came to this accord some weeks ago. I have been hesitant to celebrate or make a formal announcement, but enough time has elapsed that I think it is a permanent peace.

Please let me share the sweet victory! As usual, I was not even in his vicinity and had my back turned, when I heard his hateful little footsteps coming fast behind. I had my hair wrapped in a big, thick towel. When I knew he was within range, I whipped that towel off and whacked him with it three or four times. The last time I got him just right and he went head over heels for quite a distance. For some reason, that apparently convinced him to stop the madness!

He has left me alone since that moment, my triumph in the Battle of Red Towel.

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