Thursday, October 1, 2009

Living Language

Sometimes an expression will remind me of people I love, those long gone, and those still near and dear. Here is a list of the worst offenders.

"Knottin' and divvying" = planning, sometimes scheming. Karl Hansen

"Hundred-mile-an-hour tape" = duct tape. Tommy Reser

"Uglier than a mud fence" = no translation required. Grandma

"She could kill a bear with a switch" = exceedingly mean person. Grandma

"Toad strangler" = deluge, downpour of rain. Grandpa

"Nasty, nasty worms" = anything or anyone revolting. My daughter

"Dingo Man Dreaming" = acknowledgment of my son's mysterious powers. Me

"Worthless piece of shit" = term of endearment for an ex-husband. Me

"You want some cream with that?" = do not mess with me this morning. Transgender Dairyqueen employee?

"Mayor of Ass Town" = title of respect for a coworker. Me

"Plain words, simple spoke" = no room for argument. Billy Barber

"Man hater" = teasing from the son in law. My son in law

"Be glad you aren't on my list" = reply to the son in law. Me


Jackie said...

CyberKit - I am sorely disappointed you have not added some of your clever language here? Are you reading another writer?! Oh my god....

Anonymous said...

Feel free to edit (or not post) comment as you deem appropriate.

I'm not reading somebody else, and I am sorry. The expressions that pop into my mind really aren't suitable for polite company and/or aren't particularly clever. In many cases, they don't even belong in my mind ...

"F*** 'em if they can't take a joke!" No translation required. Bette Midler.

"F*** you very much" an expression of contempt, endearment, or frustration (often uttered under one's breath). A friend once gave me a lovely sampler giving me credit for the quote. I must have used it far more frequently than I recall. Of late, "you" has been replaced by "me" (often with additional requests as to where and how)