Friday, October 16, 2009

One Hundred Posts

It looked like a mighty sky spirit and luckily, for once, I had my camera!

This is the hundredth post for the Spirit Creek blog. Who would have guessed I could write so much about nothing?

The encouragement I have received to continue writing has been wonderful, an unexpected gift.

Thank you, readers, for sharing my simple work and my ordinary life.



Anonymous said...

It's that you CAN write about "nothing" that makes visiting your blog such a joy for us, your readers. I, for one, appreciate the way your mind organizes your words. Thank you for allowing us to visit Spirit Creek.

As long as you keep posting, we'll keep coming back to enjoy your observations.

Jackie said...

Oh, Kit. Let's get married! ; )
Love you, too.

Li'l Ned said...

Jackie, you are my blog heroine. And like Kit said, it's the fact that you can write about 'nothing' -- the sacred detail of Life -- that makes your blog so special. Besides, if I you didn't write about your Kansas prairie, how would I know how beautiful it is? When and if I ever make it out to Kansas, it will be because of your words and your pictures. Keep on writing, darlin'! Love,