Friday, October 2, 2009

The Landscape of My Mind

Many ancient esoteric teachings give much credence to travel in the Dream Time. Some disciplines of modern Western psychology are beginning to give a grudging nod to the possibilities of astral travel and other realities in various states of human consciousness. I spent some years paying my dreams much attention, hoping to find a clue. I have not reached any conclusions, but several dreams stand out, each in their own strange or twisted way. Welcome to my mind...

I Dream of a Celebrity:
I was living on a different planet, one of endless great empty plains and frugal vegetation. There was a terribly oppressive government on that planet and I was involved in some deadly serious subversive work against that government. I caught a series of trains in order to meet with another agent, who turned out to be none other than Florence Henderson.

When I woke up, all I could think was "Florence Henderson?! What?!"

I Crack Myself Up:
I was driving a truck overloaded with everything I owned, attempting to pilot that truck down the highway, but the steering was loose and required tremendous concentration and physical strength to keep it safely on the road. If I needed the brakes, I had to slam on them and apply every ounce of my weight and strength to bring that truck to a halt. Even then, it would never come to a complete stop.

I was careening wildly along the highway in a dangerous truck, doing my best to keep it in the correct lane and not crash into anyone or anything else. The front wheel of the truck suddenly slipped off the pavement beside a huge cliff that fell away from the roadway for hundreds of feet. I wrestled that careening truck with every ounce of my strength, bracing my legs and arms in various angles at the steering wheel. It was touch and go as to whether I could avoid going over the cliff or not, but I was determined. I fought that steering wheel and the terrible brakes until I finally had that truck back on the road and safely to a stop. I did it with willpower alone. The passenger, in awe and in relief, shouted "How did you do that?!"

I turned to the passenger and shouted back with great satisfaction and humor, "I have the strength of ten for my heart is pure!"

What Would Sigmund Say:
I dreamt my Harley had broken down along a country road and I was repairing it with wasps instead of nuts and bolts. It made perfect sense in the dream.

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