Sunday, December 13, 2009

Choose Happiness

I was behind one of the new Smart Cars in the drive through the other day. I could not stop smiling. Two full grown adults were aboard, and it was just too darned cute - even from the back. Head on, these little cars look like they are smiling, too.

Until they are given four wheel drive and a higher road clearance, it simply will not be practical to drive a Smart Car and live on the farm. One good bounce over a deep rut in the road and the little Smart Car would likely be ruined. But if I lived in town, I would own one of these little jewels for sure.

Change takes a lot of effort to overcome inertia, to move the status quo off dead center, but once it begins, it becomes increasingly easier. As the technology for the greener energy sources and the far more efficient use of traditional energy improves, change will gain momentum and acceptance. Once everyone is driving a cute little machine like this, how could we possibly treat one another hatefully?


Me Plus Three said...

i would love to have one of these to cruise around town in!! We eyeball them everytime we see them ha ha!! Not practical for driving in a foot of snow or hauling around your husband and kids, but hey, for everything else, it just seems practical. And a tank of gas would prob. last me a year lol!! Def. a cute little fuel efficient car:)

Li'l Ned said...

Good point. Cuteness conquers all. My kitty proves it.

My only complaint about these cars is they are quite expensive, at least for us, as a second car. This baby is just too small to be an only car for us. But I love the 'smile'.

Anda said...

This is my dream car! Can't wait to have one!