Friday, December 4, 2009

The First Installment of Cave Woman* Adventures

This morning it was 15 degrees Fahrenheit . It was darned cold in Kansas. There was a beautiful but hard frost covering everything. All the standing water was frozen in the dog dish, the chicken pen, and in the horse tank. All week I knew it was going to become this cold but naturally, I could not be proactive. No. Cave Woman can only be reactive.

So, there I was, wrestling with frozen electrical extension cords covered in frost - because when I rolled them up last spring, I left them right where I would need them again - in nine months.

Extension cords are not very flexible in below freezing weather but I got one cord untangled and plugged into to the light pole. I needed another extension cord to reach all the way to the chicken pen. I eventually got the second one unrolled and threaded through the chicken wire. As I connected the two cords, I realized a moment too late the rubber had been stripped off the end of one of the cords - the one in my left hand - where the snap, crackle, and pop of 110 volts of electricity was sparking and smoking in my gloved fingers.

I did not die. I did take my glove off and check to make sure I had not blown any holes in my cave woman self.

When I left for work, all the chickens were gathered round the fresh water, happily drinking from their heated water dispenser.

The shock therapy cleared the normal brain fog. All morning my mind has been as sharp as a razor.

To be continued....

*A nod to the two Cave Men I work with, Rog' and Gary.

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