Saturday, January 16, 2010

Appropriate Terms for Inappropriate Behavior

Driving home from work yesterday I was thinking about names, terms used to describe certain behaviors in our fellow human beings. I do not remember the first time I heard someone called an "ass hat", but I immediately knew the exact behavior it described: my significant other removed parts from my running Harley to fix his broken Harley - so he could go on a ride and I could not. Ass hat, yes?

Scheduled for a week of high priority, high intensity training, I was nervously searching for my assigned seat in a room full of smart, professional people. I found my seat - at the shortest table in the room. "I see I have been assigned to the little bus," I deadpanned to genuine laughter. We had to go around the room introducing ourselves, and my table mate stole my line when he introduced himself. Though he did not get much laughter, still an ass hat, yes?

How about this for the ultimate ass hat: a coworker asks you to run copies for him, presumably to save his far more valuable time for far more important work, then he stands by watching you run his copies. A great and mighty cry rose up from the worker bee ranks and the Boss put an end to such ass hattery, as well he should.

Everyone has worn that ass hat at one time or another. I am sure I have, but I just can not think of a single time right now....

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