Monday, January 25, 2010

Seed Savers Exchange

For every day of piercing despair over the abuse of the earth, I consider the determined and energetic people of the Seed Savers Exchange. It is a wonderful endeavor started before 1975 by Diane Whealy and her husband, homesteaders in Missouri. They wrote to Mother Earth News and other such magazines about the idea of an heirloom seed exchange. From that small beginning it has grown to a network of over 11,000 gardeners worldwide, saving genetic diversity and heirloom plants and animals for future generations.

The large farm and orchard is located in Decorah, Iowa. They maintain vaults of seeds and hundreds of acres of gardens each year. It is a splendid idea and one that sprang up entirely without government oversight or interference.


Li'l Ned said...

and how far in land miles would Decorah, Iowa be from your restored praire?

Jackie said...

Approximately 500 miles, but that's just the MSN maps. I am sure I can find a shortcut to Decorah.

Anonymous said...

Well, you'd better bring back lots of pictures!