Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Splendid Idea

Gayfeather blooming on a steep hillside.

Right now high summer seems like the best idea the world ever produced. The sun warmed grasses of the prairie have their own scent. The soil softens and warms, and all manner of wild flower bloom throughout the spring, summer and fall. There are the beautiful tall grasses, too.

Thunderstorms, t shirts, motorcycles, and fat horses with shiny coats. Mowing the grass and keeping an eye on the severe weather warnings. Homegrown tomatoes and the warm southerly winds perfuming clear nights. Blue skies and green grass, the perfect opposites of winter.

This has been a good winter, though. The big snow was beautiful. There was so much snow that the country roads were pristine white for many days. I enjoyed driving them and noticing how they captured the color of the sky - blue, gray, orange, pink, red or gold.

The worst thing that happened this winter was the loss of poor Evil Roo's comb to frostbite when he was accidentally and unknowingly shut out of the chicken pen for 24 hours. My bank account also took a hard hit thanks to the action of the pack rats who took up residence under the hood of my truck, incurring towing fees, repairs bills, car rental fees, and aggravation. The rest of us at Spirit Creek have made it through the winter, so far, in good shape. I never lost power to my home - unlike former winters. I did not have furnace problems one time - unlike former winters. I had to burn a couple of days of vacation due to impassable roads, but I am not complaining. I slid off the icy roads once - and did not damage myself, my truck, or anyone else's property, so that hardly counts as a negative. Besides, I was driving too fast - my fault.

It has been a good winter, but I will not be too sad to see it fade into the warmth and beauty of spring this year.

Kansas Wildflowers

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Me Plus Three said...

me either. will be so nice to get out and enjoy some fresh spring air. and bring on the thunder and lightening...just keep the wind elsewhere:)