Saturday, June 12, 2010


To step through the door of my home, emerge beneath the sheltering trees as thunder rumbles, is to sometimes stand immersed in mighty currents of gratitude for a miraculous life.

Infinite blessings arise from the Heart and I stand still -

How is it the earth clothes herself in infinite acres of living green every spring -

How is it a tree increases in strength and mass as it stands -

How is it that I move on this earth with utter free will -

What thread of evolution produced the grace of horses to carry us to shelter, to food, to war -

In what dreaming did flight first arise -

By what infinite chance am I here to wonder such things -

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Li'l Ned said...

Good questions, all. Perhaps the biggest question is, why do we wonder? We are meant to be blessings, part of the beauty and always beloved. When did we forget this? The beauty of the greening earth reminds us, the touch of a breeze on our cheek, the sight of clouds scudding across the sky, the glory of the stars at night. Reminders every day, every moment, if only we have the wit to see them. A beautiful post, my friend.