Thursday, June 3, 2010

Face Book

My daughter encouraged me to join Face Book, so I joined last weekend. I do not quite have the hang of it. It is not private whatsoever! Conversations on the "Wall" are apparently seen by everyone I have accepted as friends. I have become friends with people I actually do consider friends, but they are friends with people I do not consider friends and will never consider friends. I do not want those jerks reading anything on my wall, or looking at my photos, or even being friends with my friends! This is NOT a good thing.

I have set the privacy controls to the strictest I can, but there is a dilemma: what if I regret accepting a friend? If I sever Face Book ties with that person, will there be irrevocable harm to my real life friendship? I do not want to read on my wall that one of my friends scored his highest on a Face Book game, unless it means he scored the very highest score in the history of the world. That would be impressive. Otherwise it is depressing. I do not want to read bits of other people's lives when I have absolutely no interest in their worm farm or butt ugly grandchildren, same as they do not give a cluck about my stupid chickens. This is why we have blogs! People can choose to not read about my stupid chickens.

There are other problems with Face Book. I tried to be friends with a guy who has the same name as my son. Wonder what the hell that young man thinks about an old, fat woman trying to be friends with him? (Dude, it is NOT what you think.)

I will give it a few more days, but it seems like far too much information out there for far too many people. People I despise are friends-of-friends. I do not want them to have the chance to make fun of me for raising chickens now instead of posting photos of butt ugly grandchildren. I do not want people I hate to know I went out on a Saturday night and had a great time but my only comment was wanting more of the Velvet Cake. For crying out loud.


sgtclark68 said...


You are funnier than hell!!!

Hope that you have a great day, and I know that you liked more than just the cake Saturday night! ;)

Li'l Ned said...


I second everything you said!

To answer one question, you can 'unFriend' anyone and they will never know, unless they, for some reason, decide to count up all their Friends.

I limit my Friends list quite severely and so far it's ok. I have Friends who are people I went to high school with but never cared about even then...... but I signed them on in the first heady days of my Facebookness and many of them I have either unFriended or blanked out their posts. I will probably prune my list again soon.

It's awkward, isn't it -- you don't want to offend anyone, but dude, of course you don't want to hear about their bowling scores or see photos of their ugly new bathroom tile (one of my current dilemmas).

So take it or leave it. I take it because i do get to keep in touch with quite distant friends (as opposed to merely 'Friends' that I care about but don't see often -- in faraway parts of the country and overseas.

But I would say ....... tweak your security limits and see how it goes for a week or so. You can always bail later. In the meantime, Friend me, will ya?


Me Plus Three said...

Well, since you are on the subject, it is great for your family and friends you dont get to see, but can cause issues as well. However I just learned tonight that I said something on there that I didn't even say. If that's the case, Face Book has more issues than any of us realize lol!!

Jackie said...

Did someone hack into your account, Becky?!

Me Plus Three said...

no, I went back and looked through all the posts just to make sure I wasn't losing my mind lol! I am not sure where the inforation came from but it wasn't facebook, nor from my mouth. I think we may have a HUGE rat in the neighborhood:)