Friday, June 11, 2010

It Ain't Me

Torn from the headlines:  "A woman spent three days in jail for calling the 911 emergency line five times seeking a husband. The dispatcher was flabbergasted by the requests and asked the woman, "You need to get a husband?" The 57-year-old woman responded, "Yes."

Told that she could face arrest for misusing 911, the woman responded, "Let's do it."

She was convicted last week of improper use of the 911 system and was sentenced to the three days in jail, which she had already served since her arrest. Seven other days were suspended if she stays out of trouble for a year.  

After her release, the woman blamed alcohol." 

While I had a good chance of inheriting the unfortunate genes for alcoholism, by some miracle of gene pool lottery, I missed that affliction.  I am forever thankful.  Otherwise, my children might very well be reading about their mother in articles such as this. 

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