Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Kid's Got Potential!

Raising chickens ain't rocket science but I suspect that in my case, it may as well be. I am "challenged" when it comes to keeping chickens alive and well, even losing one peep by accident in the safety of a small cage. The replacement chick turned out to be a rooster and I absolutely do not need any more roosters!

His name is Cherokee, due to his vocal approval for Rita Coolidge singing in the Cherokee language. Amazingly, he has already started crowing. It took patience but I recorded him crowing in the tiniest, peepiest voice you have ever heard.

Cherokee practicing to be the king.

If it is true that he is a black tailed Japanese bantam rooster, he will be dramatically handsome when he matures. Pure potential, baby!

Japanese Bantam Rooster

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