Thursday, August 12, 2010

Horse Stuff

After repeated unanswered calls to my usual farrier all of last winter and all this spring, a new one had to be found. The new guy came out once, but now some kind of cell phone issue makes it impossible to contact him. Once again, I went searching. The new farrier is a natural hoof care proponent. People studied mustang hooves and found ways to trim and manage domestic horses' hooves to be as tough and natural as mustangs. Sounds good to me.

Now that I only have one horse again, everything about Ginger, that one horse, is very important and dear. And I have become a lot more important to Ginger. All she wants to do is lean her big, heavy head on my shoulder. We are two old friends comforting one another as our hearts heal over losing Annie.

When this horrible hot weather breaks and the conditions are not so dangerously hot, I will begin looking for another horse to bring to Spirit Creek. Ginger should have a companion. It will be fun to be looking, meeting new people and new horses. There are many rescued horses that need a good home, so I am sure I can find one that will fit in here.

Yesterday, a braid of Annie's mane came in the mail from Kansas State University but I have not opened the envelope. Careen Cain, the woman who had purchased Annie and many other horses from the kill buyers, told me of two brothers who were in the same group as Annie who may be needing a home. That might be a happy ending for a sad story. Wonder what Ginger would think of two boys to boss around?

A dozen hooves to trim? Picking cockle burrs from three manes and three tails? Three big sleek necks to hug and three big hearts beating? Sounds wonderful to me.


cyberkit said...

A long time ago, my grandfather was a K State extension agent. He once suggested that I, "Try not to step in the horse stuff." That's the sum total of what I know about "horse stuff" (well, that and they're magnificent beings), but it's always nice reading your blog.

Jackie said...

I should have titled it "Farrier Stuff" then.... because that's what I think about most of those farrier's.