Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ginger The Terrible

My horse Ginger was in a terrible mood yesterday. The farrier arrived early, so I did not have time to call Ginger up and have her calmed down with grooming, carrots, fly spray, and lavish amounts of love and attention.

Ginger still comes when called, but she is no hurry. When Annie was here, it was a horse race to see who could thunder past me first at break neck speed. Now that Ginger is alone, the entire universe revolves around her haughty fat rear end. She AMBLED toward the barn, easily slipped away from me when I tried to get the halter on her, refused to lead, refused to move until I slapped her rear with the end of the rope. What a snot!

Then Ginger did not want to cooperate with Terrie (the farrier) by graciously moving her left hind hoof. In fact, after a mild struggle with Terrie, she signaled her defiance by actually kicking. She did not kick at Terrie and she did not kick viciously, but it was a kick - a huge indiscretion. She got clobbered for it, but Ginger is the type of horse that a mere slap from a human is about as meaningful as the flies she swishes away with her tail.

I am not sure why Ginger was behaving badly. Most of the time she cooperates with the farrier. I guess, if you were born to be the Queen, and there is no one to rule, you take subjects where you find them, and human beings can be pushed around easier than horses. I was embarrassed and worried. A good farrier is a valuable commodity. Terrie might cross Ginger off The List.


cyberkit said...

I hope that the good farrier also recognizes that Ginger was having an off day and that she knows how to deal with her majesty. I'm guessing a farrier has to deal with all manner of behavior.

Maybe you can get a pantomime horse costume and trick her (if you can find someone to fill the back position!)

I'm so damned helpful!!

Jackie said...

Yes, I think Terrie has to deal with even worse horses than Ginger - but - once she gets a large enough clientele, she may just naturally give the well behaved horses priority. I would!

Yes, Cyberkit, you are dammed helpful, and damned gracious of you to assume that in a two-person horse costume, I wouldn't automatically be the horse's ass...

cyberkit said...

My middle name is helpful. Well, it would be if it wasn't something else.

When asking for help (even for a horse costume), one can always turn to scripture: "Get thee behind me..."