Saturday, September 18, 2010

Possible Factors As To Why The Masters Degree Took So Long...

First, gather course materials and meet with your study companions. It is essential that everyone is comfortable. Check that your crackberry is in working condition. Text an announcement to all 732 friends and colleagues that you are now commencing to study. Tie up loose ends with friends and colleagues before beginning. No distractions.

Study companions should be familiar with your method of study. Their interest and support is invaluable.

At some point, study companions will signal their interest for getting to the task at hand.

Proceed with study session already!


me plus three said...

LOL, great pics!! I now know what was taking so long!!

Li'l Ned said...

Well, at least she made it (right?). I failed right out of the chutes on registration day when I got mad and decided I was too old to be told where to go and what line to stand in next. :)

Good for (your daughter?) for hanging in there and being a grownup about such things. It helped that she had cats, of course.