Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Horse Riding in a Cadillac

Everything can be found on You Tube!

Here is a video of the white horse riding in a cadillac with his two cowboy bud's. But it is even worse than I thought! They feed the horse CHEESEBURGERS!

View it and weep!


Li'l Ned said...

Ah yes, the old horse riding in a cadillac video. I'm with you on the cheeseburger eckkkkkk-ness. But you have to admit, ol' Patches looks downright noble, ridin' down the freeway with his mane blowing in the wind. Unlike dogs in similar mode, who merely look dorky as their ears blow behind.

Jackie said...

I have to agree with you on the "noble" part compared to dogs, who look dorky no matter what the heck they are doing... I love the old Dukenator, but he is a huge DORK!! ha

When I discovered the white horse in the cadillac video, I discovered a number of horses in the house videos, as well! Lot of people let their horses into their houses!

Li'l Ned said...

Yeah, so now you can lose the excuse that it's too weird or impossible a fantasy to fulfill. Come on, Jackie. I'm rootin' for you.