Thursday, March 24, 2011

Handsome Roo's

This is the most handsome roo, Junior. He is the magnificent son of the late Mrs. Peckins, a partridge cochin, and the late Evil Roo, a porcelain d'uccle. His tail is iridescent green but it does not show in this photo. He is a very handsome guy who has never attacked me. Mrs. Peckins surely looks down from chicken heaven and admires her successful, handsome son.

Junior with his favorite wife, one half of the Weird Sisters.

The handsome Japanese rooster, Cherokee. He is vice-rooster of the flock. His graceful tail and snowy feathers are very beautiful but he is vain and silly much of the time and the ladies only tolerate him because that is the way it is in chicken society.

This is Evil Roo's son, the only pure d'uccle left on the farm now. He is the lowest chicken in the pecking order, the same way the Evil Roo once was. He is about half grown. It remains to be seen if he will mature into a rooster as handsome as his father. I have not named him yet.


Li'l Ned said...

I LOVE seeing photos of your chickens! You are my total inspiration for getting my flock -- but of course you know this already. Roosters are strictly forbidden within city limits here, and initially I was fine with that. But after seeing your occasional photos of the handsome fellows at Spirit Creek, and then looking at so many gorgeous roosters at the county fair last summer, I am kinda wishing I could have one. Gosh, those tail feathers! To be honest, my ladies are a lot noisier than I had anticipated, and now I'm thinking, how much louder would a (small) rooster be? Heh heh heh

Jackie said...

The roosters are handsome and fun, but believe me, they are a LOT noisier than the hens. They don't crow all the time, but they only have one volume: loud. And they do crow at any time of the day or night. That's why they aren't allowed in the city. Maybe sometime you will live where you can have roosters, because they are as much fun as the hens. The hens cluck and mutter and cackle, and after they've laid an egg, they will loudly celebrate at the top of their voices. But at night the hens are quiet. I don't think size limits the decibels of the crowing rooster.... lol

cyberkit said...

I love the shot of Junior and the Weird Sister!

Li'l Ned said...

I was reading about one of my gardening idols, Rosalind Creasey (author of Edible Landscaping), who lives in my old home town in the SF Bay Area. Chickens are allowed, but not roosters, the same as here. But right there on page xxi of her new book, is a photo of her 15-year-old pet rooster, Mr. X, strutting by the henhouse. It seems she keeps him in a pet carrier at night, tucked into the garage. I wonder if I could be that dedicated (for 15 years?!)

Jackie said...

15 years is longer than all of my marriages combined! I suspect many people keep their roosters under wraps in the cities.