Monday, July 18, 2011

Experts Agree: It Is HOT

This is not a good time to be fat and out of shape. As soon as the sun is above the horizon, the heat is instantly unbearable. The veterinarian arrived early Saturday morning to give Ginger this year's immunizations. With no exertion on my part, sweat was literally dripping off my face like rain drops falling onto my arms. I looked at Ginger and cackled, "I'm melting, melting! What a world, what a world..."

That's what the Wicked Witch of the West said when Dorothy killed her with a bucket of water in the Wizard of Oz. Ginger rubbed her head on my shoulder, clearly not fully appreciating my performance.

So far the effects of the extreme heat are not noticeable on the prairie except for the water levels in the farm ponds visibly dropping each day. Everything remains green and beautiful yet, giving the illusion that nothing is amiss with our weather patterns or that the whole world is experiencing climate change.

Without air conditioning available in the truck, I drive fast with the windows down. Much to my daughter's amusement, I now wear a baseball cap in order to keep my hair from blowing around in my face and becoming hopelessly tangled whenever I have to drive somewhere.

It is good the young me could not look into the future to see the old me. I would have never survived the hard times for such a future.

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