Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All In Yellow

The wide prairie

A late bloomer

Golden as the sunflowers.

"Neon" yellow grass

Golden to the core

Ginger's pasture

Honey locust tree, I grudgingly admit is beautiful

Yellow and...

More yellow and ...

More yellow, yet!

The prairie dresses herself differently in all seasons. She has an infinite choice of texture and a wide color pallet. Sometimes in the spring, everything blooming is white, with a scattering of pink or orange. One particularly beautiful spring, purple and blue were everywhere. The prairie blooms from spring until the last frost. The weather patterns, rainfall, timing of the fires, cattle herds, and the mysterious rhythm within individual plants are the warp and woof of a living tapestry.

I wondered what a season of intense heat and little rainfall would bring this fall and it is a sea of yellow. The grasses did not grow luxuriously tall so plants I cannot name are visible. They set forth their yellow blossoms with a great generosity amid the autumn colors of the grasses, neon yellow and russet. It is a most beautiful season.

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