Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Splendid Views - Sad Photography

Colorado Rockies
I was on the highway leaving Ft Collins in April of this year. I have a "dummy-proof" digital camera that causes me more frustration than it is worth. Sometimes I manage to capture something beautiful.

Kansas Tsunami
I recorded this amazing sight about a mile from my house a week or so ago. It was almost sunset so I had to use the automatic setting on the camera for night scenery. It was impossible to hold the camera steady. It looks like the winter surf on the North Shore of Oahu breaking on the dunes of the Flint Hills. If only I were a professional photographer! This was magnificent.

Mt. Kansas erupting above the truck stop
I stopped at the truck stop earlier this year to capture these skies . The clouds could have been over Missouri for all I know, but they looked less than a half mile away. I was not the only Kansas hayseed taking photos - dozens of people with cameras were standing around photographing this towering storm magnificently building directly above our heads.

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