Saturday, November 5, 2011

The AlienThat Forced Me To Spend Money

I took a wrong turn the other day and discovered this amazing entity clinging to a building. I was so intrigued that I went directly to a retail outlet and purchased a new digital camera expressly to get photos of this alien life form.

I have been wanting a better camera for a long time, so this ivy was the impetus for taking the plunge. (No one has to tell me that the photos taken with the expensive camera are no better than the photos taken with the little dummy-proof camera, okay? I am still operating in the "Uhhhhhhh" mode of the new camera.) Eventually I will learn how to use the creative possibilities - maybe. I think. I hope.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the quality of the color and definition are eons beyond what the old camera could produce!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Does this mean that your world doesn't actually have a blueish tint to it? The new camera puts the old one to shame. The colors and definition are superb!

We are grateful for the alien.

Li'l Ned said...

My question is: WHAT is inside that building, that the alien is so anxious to embrace?!

Jackie said...

The alien was growing on the northeast corner of the building and by the time the boys at the store found everything for my camera, it was almost dark - hence the bluish tint.

I think the building is actually one of the last hold outs of the American Free Press: a newspaper in a major university town. That's what the alien is after.