Monday, February 20, 2012

A Tale of Two Dogs

Jake and Duke on the way to the barn.

Duke waiting for the baby.

The Good Dog Duke and the youngster heading for the house - Duke loves to see how close he can blast past without actually running into me.  He is teaching Jake the same game.

Duke and Jake, almost father and son.

Jake, after his first puppy shot.
I named the puppy Jake.  It is not fancy but dogs are not particular in what human beings call them. 

Duke, true to his nature, accepts this irritating new addition with good grace, though his feelings are  hurt if Jake seems to get too much attention.  The happiest time in anyone's day at Spirit Creek Farm is the trek to the barn at sunrise.  Everyone is happy for a brand new day - dogs, horse and woman.

It is early to tell how good a dog Jake will be, but the other day I got a good indication.  The neighbors were moving a herd of cattle to another pasture down the road past my house.  I did not see Duke, so I called him.  I did not want him (or the puppy) to bark at the cattle and cause trouble.  Duke and Jake were both at the top of the drive way quietly watching the cattle and cowboys on horses go by.  No barking.  When I called Duke, both dogs came running.  If Jake remembers that is the way he is supposed to behave, it will be a great thing.


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Li'l Ned said...

Excellent name. Super photos. Love the duo. Now for the sequel: A Tale of Two Horses?

Li'l Ned said...

Excellent name. Super photos. Now for the sequel: 'A Tale of Two Horses'?

cyberkit said...

It was the best of manes, it was the worst of manes ...