Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Calves

The Handsome Calf

The Future of the Herd?

White Face

When I see the spring calves, I am reminded of my Grandpa, an original and genuine cowboy.  Maybe he was a quiet man all of his life but Grandma handled the talking so well I think he simply went with the flow.  He raised white-faced Hereford cattle.  He planted his crops in rows so straight you could see the other end of the field down them.  

I do not know a lot about my Grandfather except that he was a successful man and a good man.  He loved his family.  In the quiet winter mornings when I throw hay to the horse, he sometimes drops in a for a visit.  Like me, he loved the cold mornings, the calm rhythm of a horse eating hay, and the silence of the land.  He drops in to see me, too.

An Overlooked Detail

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