Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Want to Kill My Lawn Tractor But It is Already DEAD

When mowing with a regular lawn mower became too difficult, and trying to hire someone reliable enough to mow on a regular basis proved to be impossible over the course of several years, I finally bought a lawn tractor.  It was a happy day on the farm when it was delivered.  For one glorious month that first summer, the grass was regularly mowed and I was the happiest old woman in Kansas as I zipped around on the shiny yellow and green tractor mowing down everything in sight.  Then the honeymoon was over.

A gear simply fell out from under the mower deck and dropped various parts before I realized the machine had stopped mowing.  Three weeks later the repairman arrived.  The tires are flat ALL the time.  The battery has been replaced twice and maybe three times - I will know tomorrow.  And since NOTHING is immune to the destruction of the goddamn mice, the last visit from the repairman was to repair wiring.  The only season I was able to use the tractor before calling the repairman was the first summer, four years ago!  Good thing for me I bought the extended warranty because it has paid for everything.  But the warranty does not mow the lawn.  The warranty expires August 7 of this year and I am sick about this expensive piece of worthless crap rotting in the garage.

I wonder if I can trade it for a herd of goats.

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Li'l Ned said...

Sheep. They don't get mice, they don't drop parts, they don't need gasoline, and they provide wool for those cold Kansas winters. Think about it!