Monday, October 8, 2012

And Then I Call My Other Horse....

First, he stops in a cloud of dust!

Do I want to make the trip or not?

Maybe I'll gallop over and slam on the brakes at the last moment - make it worth my time. 

It would be bad form to scare her.  She is pretty old.

What ridiculous contraption is she holding in front of her face?

Doesn't look dangerous. 

Humans are soooooo lame... but she might have a pear...

Waaaaaaait a minute.... Did I hear a booger?

Yes, I heard a booger.

Oh, OK.  Now let's see if what's-her-name has a pear.

If she thinks I am going to stare into that contraption...

So do you have a pear or not?

I do not see a pear. I'll save face and nibble at this plant.  

What a wasted trip!

1 comment:

Li'l Ned said...

no no no. The Wally Lama only has noble thoughts. But isn't he a gorgeous hunk? Mr. Arabian stud man. Thanks for these photos. And tell Wally your friend in Oregon has a garage full of pears. If he comes to visit, he can eat his fill. Oh, and apples too.