Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh My Unfathomable Omniscient Diety!

First thing Monday morning a headline caught my eye in Google News.  It was a science article from the Los Angeles Times discussing new evidence from the Apollo lunar mission soil samples regarding the hydrogen molecules present in the dirt.  It was interesting to read but nothing earth shattering.  What made me almost spew my morning tea all over the computer screen were the opinions posted by three of my fellow citizens.  I normally do not look for the opinions posted by people online because they are typically not worth reading and are quite depressing.  When the full scope of our collective American ignorance is available via the internet for the entire world to witness, well, it is enormously discouraging.  Our effort to give everyone in America an education is noble but perhaps it has fallen short in certain instances. I would say, based on these three comments, it is an outright failure.

Reproduced below, for your entertainment and edification, are the first paragraph of the article followed by the enlightened offerings from three of our typical fellow Americans.  I stumbled across the holy trinity of the Ignorami:  general stupidity, religious dogma, and politics.  I hit the jackpot! 

Read'em and weep:

Apollo rocks analysis: solar wind made moon water
Analyzing grains of soil collected from three Apollo lunar missions, geochemists have figured out that the hydrogen in trace amounts of water on the moon’s surface probably came from solar wind, the outflow of positively-charged hydrogen from the sun.

Frankothemountain3 at 4:09 AM October 15, 2012
Oh yeah, let's look at that junk from 43 years ago.

LA City-Data Forum at 6:53 AM October 15, 2012
My pastor has always questioned whether men went to the moon. He told me my opinion should be to question these alleged events and consult with the Bible. Same with dinosaurs. Moon rocks, schmoon rocks; I don't believe it.

a.gentleman49 at 6:53 AM October 15, 2012
Hydrogen atoms in a rock from solar wind to make water, even though the moon is dryer than a bone in the Arizona desert because, even if an atom of water did form, it would immediately evaporate into the vacuum of space? Boy, are these NASA folks really trying hard to keep their jobs once the fiscal cliff cometh.


Anonymous said...

Examining junk from 43 years ago is trumped by the truths of 2012 years ago. The test of time solidifies those Truths.

Jesus said nothing about anyone being on the moon. For that matter Paul and the gang never said anything about NASA. That should be proof enough for anybody!

Li'l Ned said...

As the child of one of the NASA scientists of 43 years ago, reading responses like #2 always makes me weep, snort, and gnash my teeth all at the same time. I grew up with photos of meteorite craters on the surface of the Moon, Mars, and Mercury scattered on the dining room table. I'm pretty sure no one made that much stuff up for so long. My dad always claimed that the folks in Washington were too stoopid (his spelling) to pull off any kind of conspiracy like faking Moon landings. Maybe so, but clearly stoopid abounds elsewhere these days, and as you point out, is gruesomely exposed on the interweb.

Anonymous said...

I don't think those stoopid people know how many of the creature comforts of their daily lives were developed specifically as a result of the space program. I suspect that they'd be lost without those items.

Is it possible that the aggregate of three stoopid people can be stoopider than the individuals?

Li'l Ned said...

Actually, my theory is that three stoopid people actually cancel themselves out. At least I hope so.