Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Reign of Mice Draws Ever Closer to an End...

It took two big trucks and several men to set up this towering configuration of technology to pump concrete in for the crawl space floor.  I really wanted to watch but was too shy, so I left in my car after taking a few photos from a distance.

Tell me how a single stinking mouse will get into this concrete fortress, huh?!  Eat concrete, Rodents!

And then I spied this Achilles Heel... a virtual 16 lane highway for the little bastards!  This will be covered by something - a 1/2" steel plate - a hot, glowing layer of uranium - a maze of 1000 set mouse traps - something!


Li'l Ned said...

I appreciate your enthusiasm. I know mice have been the bane of your existence in your current house. I vote for the uranium plate to cover the ........ whatever that square hole is for. Loving the concrete vistas. Is that your basement, or do you MidWest types call them cellars? Auntie Em will be down there when next you need shelter from a tornado. But no mice.

Jackie said...

I guess this hole is for ingress to the plumbing. This is neither a cellar nor a basement. It is a four foot crawlspace which will give access to all the stuff under the house, but doesn't cost as much as a basement. It could theoretically be used for storage, but basically, it will keep the critters out, make it nicer anytime repairmen have to get under the house, and should it catastrophically flood so close to the creek, it should keep the interior of the house bone dry. The builder wants to frame in a trapdoor so I could go under the house in case of a tornado but I don't know if I want to do that.